Kirjoittanut pskehitysmaaseura | 27 helmikuun, 2014

Getting down with African Nature and Wildlife


Second graders at Haapaniemi Primary School in Kuopio  spent the morning talking about Africa, her nature and wildlife. Wild guesses about the African Big 5 (the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) were made with the giraffe, zebra and hyena nominated. ’Are you going to show us videos?’ was asked when the slide-projector was set up. The old-school slide-show safari that took them from the Aberdares to Tsavo, to Serengeti and Botswana did not however disappoint, regardless of taking them back in time technologywise. Conservation work was brought up when the discussion flowed around what plastic thrown into the oceans does to turtles and how poaching is depleting the populations of elephants and rhinos in Africa. The enthusiasm and curiosity of these 8 year olds in the way of their questions and sharing of their experiences of their own travels with their families was incredible. They sang along to ’Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Hakuna Matata’ with zeal and began planning their own drawings of elephants right away. It is amazing how much children know about what goes on around us these days: I had to answer questions I hadn’t really thought would come up like ’are there pirates in Africa?’ and set the record straight that tigers don’t live in Africa. Their final shout-out at the end of the session ’Näpit irti norsunluusta, don’t touch ivory!’ was impressive and the many questions and comments that still flowed on and on, underlines that no matter where we are, who we are, we can all do something, somewhere, to nurture our world and it starts with our children. With them, and for them.

R.Avento 27.2.2014, Kuopio


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